Saturday, April 13, 2013

Not Yet Find It

I saw the single-track audio editing software for monophonic and rhythmic materials at a guitar center. I wasn’t know what is that use actually. However, I finally know what is it after check it out from the melodyne essential at guitar center. Well, too bad I do not need it..haha :p I better check out the guitar for my cousin now.. I promise to check out what kind of the guitar is good and cheap…I still haven’t find one that is meet his budget yet..haii..hopefully I could find it soon..

Speed Up Computer

I keep searching for method speeding up my computer. A friend told me I should re format my computer, so that the system will work faster. I wish I could but I couldn’t. I have too many data saved in the computer.. I too lazy to do the backup and reinstall later.. This morning, CP shows me the method of how to speed up your computer with System Mechanic..She said very useful so I am going to check out the method and try it. Hopefully it could really speed up my computer.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Buy or No Buy

Should I buy the buy mpk49 keyboard to my kids? I am still haven’t make up my decision to buy or not to buy. I wish they to provide everything they want to give them better music training. However, my hubby does not agree it because he said we have spent too much on the children’s entertainment. Well, is this only an entertainment for them? Hmm.. I don’t think so because I believe this could train their patient and attitude too.

Friday, March 22, 2013


1st of April.. Leslie Cheung... Many radio is broadcasting his song in these two weeks..I like his song and movie too.. There are so many to recall and I believe he is one of the best singer in Hong Kong..

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Skin Care Products

I like to do facial treatment at SPA center located nearby my home. They provided very good facial treatment, but I dislike them promote their skin care products to me after completed treatment session. Haii… I prefer to use skin care that I bought directly at oversea. I bought dr hauschka, Fancl, Muji skin care product when travel to other country. It is cheap and good quality, so why should I spend more for other not famous and expensive products?

Double Layer Stainless Stain bolw

Previously I like to use ceramic type of bowl and plate, because I used to steam food alot. Steamed food using ceramic plate is much easier to clean than other plate. However, I am starting to use double layer stainless stain bowl few months ago, I fall in love with it now! It is very light weight..and we could hold it even with hot soup inside..that is what I love the most.. haha

Looking forward for Yoga Class

I have no idea where I put my yoga maps and yoga straps already. I quite a long time didn’t practice my yoga already, I think I need few more months to practice and back to normal. If I willing to start only..:p I like Yoga but I have no suitable time to join yoga class now.. I wish I could spend some times to do practice without disturbing of the children..Hopeful I could do it after move to new home.


haii..Done mistake on payment issued to supplier again..I been telling myself to check that invoice with supervisor due to quantity mismatch already. However, keep forget it. Supplier call just now and ask about the shortness payment now..aiyah..paiseh lah...gotta remember to do adjustment this month...

He Will Like it

Modern coins selling at looks quite nice. Wide range of designs and selection too. I think hubby will like to check out this website. He is interested in coin collection. This is one of his favorite investment methods too. I don’t mind he buy coin to keep actually, if I have extra money I invest into bullion too.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Must Remember to Inform Her

Jenny just bought a mac last month. I wonder if she need the apogee duet 2 USB interface for her Mac or not. She told me she need audio interface that suitable for apple-based. So I think the apogee duet will fit her requirement. I will meet her tonight, better told her what I found else she sure will complaint I didn’t help her get what she needs. She just likes to complain for everything.

Overcooked Steak

I ordered a Sirloin steak and hubby ordered a TomYam Soup for dinner at Fontana Restaurant. I do not like the steak because it was over cook. I am not sure it is over cook or this is how they like actually. It just not my taste. Hubby's TomYam Soup is much tastier. At last, I finished his TomYam Soup and he swallow steak that I ordered. haha

Handling Rack

CP is quite interested in the material handling rack I showed her from a book. She asks if she could get it at local store. Well, I think this kind of handling rack is available at many stores. I know some of the online store is selling those racks too. I will let her know which website is selling if she really could not find it locally.

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Voucher Expire Soon

Just back form a dating with hubby. I purposely called him yesterday night and informed him must take dinner with me today. No a special day actually, it is just because I have a $80 food voucher haven't claim yet. And it will expire in three days time. So better date hubby our for dinner and enjoy a nice meal.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Ideal Gift

I saw the Swisher Sweets Cigars is selling at $19.99 after discount. I am going to get this for boss on coming trip. I think this would be the best gift for him. That is what he always wants and it is cheap after discounted too. I could afford to buy this... The packing look so nice too... My daughter might think that is candy...haha

Ready for Camping!

Wake up at the 7.30 morning today. Two girls already prepared well and get ready for breakfast. They are looking forward to join the holiday camping today. I will send them to camp after breakfast. Is about 8.25am after breakfast and I able to fetch them to camp at 8.45am. Hopefully they will enjoying the camp.

What That Is

I am quite curious what Roll-A-Bout knee walker is when my friend told me she wants to buy one for her father who has injured leg 2months ago. She said she discovered this equipment online and keen to buy one. Being curious I did check out what knee walker is also..haha.. Good to know more things...right?